Structural Safety

Insulated concrete homes resist damage, protect occupants from fire, wind, earthquakes, and flooding. Fire Rating 2-4 hour: The foam will melt but will not contribute as an accelerant to the fire. Wind Protection – up to 200+ mph wind protection for ICF walls, built with a core of solid steel reinforced concrete. The inherent strength of ICF Construction against severe wind loads is the most notable feature. Moisture Protection/Durability – Ability to resist rot, decay, corrosion, pest attacks and other forms of degradation that can occur over time.


R-Value remains constant throughout the wall assembly with R-23 continuous insulation on both sides of the wall, but will perform equivalent to an R-48 wall assembly . No thermal bridging or breaks. Cleaner air with the use of an Air Exchange ventilation system which removes stale air and brings in fresh air on a continual basis. Noise blocking, enjoy a quiet home with the thicker insulated walls. The concrete core reduces outside noise.

Energy Efficient

Continuous 2.75” of foam on each side of the concrete wall provides improved energy efficiency relative to standard home construction practices. Eliminates cold and hot spots in the house with the ability to maintain acceptable indoor living conditions whether heating or cooling. 5-day thermal lag – example: temperatures will remain steady for 3-5 days even during a power outage. Lower utility bills have been noted when using ICF construction.

Stronger Construction

People's lives - and entire towns and neighborhoods - have been decimated by severe fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. ICF concrete cores can withstand more.

ICF homes are wind-rated to over 200+ mph and flying debris. They also have a 2–4-hour (dependent on core size) fire rating. This fire rating is superior to standard construction ratings. ICF walls also prevent moisture penetration to protect against rotting. A home built with ICF can also stabilize and maintain a home’s temperature during lengthy power outages.

Smarter Construction

ICF blocks use expanded polystyrene and concrete to form walls that have continuous insulation on both sides of the wall. The continuous, double insulated, mass concrete core has a calculated R-Value of R-23 but will perform equivalent to an R-48 wall assembly. This structure inhibits energy loss and provides excellent indoor comfort. The double layer of insulation utilizes the thermal mass of the concrete core to moderate temperature transfer through the wall assembly.

Insulating concrete form

Benefits of Living in an ICF Home

What is ICF Construction?

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs)

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